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Dependable DAV Roofing

At DAV Roofing, our team is consistently building dependable roofing solutions with customer care in mind. As a family-owned & operated company, we specialize in all types of residential & commercial roofing, from shingle roofs to EPDM flat roofs.

DAV Roofing is licensed and insured for roofing and construction. We’ve even earned certification by the nation’s best roofing material manufacturers, like GAF. We’re certified Master Elite roofing contractors. Call (866)345-7843 to learn more or schedule a free roofing quote.
In the last 14 years we’ve become one of Houston’s and San Antonio’s leading roofers. We take joy in serving in our communities roofing needs, one roof at a time. Call (866)345-7843 to schedule a free roofing quote.
At DAV Roofing, we understand the costs associated with properly repairing or completely replacing your roof. For that reason we offer free quotes for affordable roof repairs and replacements, and we even offer easy-financing options. Call (866)345-7843 to learn more about how you can finance your roof repair or roof replacement.

Our dependable roof repairs and installations have earned us Master-Elite status with the nation’s leading roofing material manufacturer, GAF. As a GAF Master-Elite roofing contractor, we’ve proven our ability as roofers and we can offer a 50-year warranty on the new roofs we install. Call (866)345-7843 to learn more about our 50-year warranty and to schedule a free roofing appointment.

Our Roofing Services

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is only necessary when all other roof repair & restoration options have been tried or when the existing roof system has deteriorated past the point of repair. As licensed, certified, and insured roofers, we offer an in-depth roofing inspection to determine the state of your roof and the available solutions. Call (866)345-7843 for a free roofing quote!

Roof Repairs

Damage to the roof of your home or business may not seem as straightforward as a missing shingle or dried out caulking. For example, roofing issues can be from poor ventilation in the attic or lack of proper insulation that has caused shingles to deteriorate more quickly. DAV Roofing provides in-depth and qualified roof repair expertise that lengthens the life of your roofing system and helps to avoid premature roof replacement. Call (866)345-7843 for a free roof repair quote!

Commercial Roofing

Our Commercial Team at DAV Roofing specializes in commercial roofing repair and replacement. We work with all types of commercial roofing materials and roofing systems. Learn more by calling (866)345-7843 for a free commercial roofing quote.

Roof Inspections

At DAV Roofing we specialize in detailed roofing inspections to help spot roofing issues on all types of roofs from residential roofs to commercial roofs. We specialize in installing and repairing all types of roofing like shingle, tile, metal, slate, and flat roofing systems. Call (866)345-7843 now for an in-depth roofing inspection!

DAV Roofing

We take pride in being at the cutting edge of modern roofing technology and offer our clients the latest advancements in energy efficient roofing systems that include single ply roofing membranes and a range of cost saving EPDM rubber roof restoration alternatives to roof replacement. A free consultation with a DAV Roofing expert includes accurate price estimates and knowledgeable recommendations for any of our roof services that are always customized to your budget and actual needs. Whether it’s for residential or commercial roofing, we strive to provide our valued clients with the most cost effective and suitable solutions, while we guarantee that each project will be completed promptly and efficiently.


What a great company to do business with as they did an excellent job! Scott Smith ensured my roof replacement was eligible through my home insurance. He dealt directly with all the insurance questions and concerns. In addition, he always responded in a timely manner and monitored all the work. The office staff was also very responsible. Genesis replied to my emails and reached out to me if I had any questions.
Bottom line, DAV Construction does quality work and cares about customer service and delivers what they promise!

Carolyn Milligan

Scott was the best on customer service, he really took care of the process. And the roofing crew was remarkable in how quickly they got the roof on. All the while being careful to do a great job keeping things clean and tidy. I highly recommend this company.

John Ousset

DAV Roofing is THE BEST! Scott Smith is a huge reason they are the best. If you ever have any roofing needs, Scott is your biggest ally. He’s super kind, professional, communicative, responds to everything, completely thorough. I had a hail claim on my roof and Scott dealt with the insurance company, he practically handled everything. It was the most painless process I’ve ever been through. Not to mention the actual roof replacement was handled beautifully and professionally and we’ve had no issues. I just hope I get the opportunity to refer him. He and DAV are that good

DAL Holdings

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